EB-5 Opportunity Immigration 

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EB-5 Permanent Residency Visa  Program for Immigrant Investors* 
(*See EB-5 website - link to be added soon)

An Opportunity

to Invest  in

Medical Practice


in Rural America

 and Canada

Country Doctor Clinics

provide employment opportunities for physicians and entry level medical assistant jobs in rural communities.

Country Doctor Clinics* are expanding to fill a growing need for comprehensive ambulatory medical services in rural America. 

Country Doctor Clinics originated in 1995 in rural Washington by Rural track trained physician and Surgeon,  Dale Alsager, D.O., Ph.D., as a community and patient centered facility featuring comprehensive medical services, including most medical procedures and imaging at a single rural location. 20 years of development and practice using this unique clinic designed has perfected the business model to the point where this profitable business model is ready to expand by offering franchise opportunities to new  rural track physicians anxious to serve the needs of small communities in a financially rewarding and idealistic lifestyle. This unique medical practice model is profitable and completely compatible with the new US Affordable Care Act guidelines, using   Medicare reimbursement rates.  *(see www.country-doc.com)

Two established Country Doctor locations are ready for funding and start up in Maple Valley, and Hobart, Washington, U.S.A.. Each clinic is staffed by two rural track trained and Board certified Physicians and a support staff of ten. The facilities are comprised of patient reception, examination and treatment rooms, EMR and X-ray, CT, MRI and DEXA imaging equipment on site, with digital remote over read services.

Country Doctor Clinics ARE NOT hospital based facilities, and refer patients to multiple hospitals in the region, depending upon individual patient preferences. 20 years of patient data demonstrates that comprehensive services offered at the Country Doctor Clinics refer less then 5% of patients seen to hospitals for additional care, substantially less than hospital based community clinics. Country Doctor Clinics operate independent of hospital facilities and  accept no financial incentive for referrals to hospital facilities. Services offered at Country Doctor Clinics are patient centered, convenient, and focus on comprehensive high quality medical care at a single location in small communities, aided by the most advanced medical technology available.

Under the US government approved EB-5 Program* for Immigrant investors, Immigrants can invest in new Country Doctor Clinic locations in exchange for Expedited Permanent Resident Visas. (*See Program details for Investor Clients.)